Effective forecasting, planning, and scheduling are fundamental to productivity–and ERP is a fundamental way to achieve it. Properly implementing ERP will give you a competitive advantage and help you run your business more effectively, efficiently, and responsively. Our ERP supports all the people involved in ERP implementation–from the CEO and others in the executive suite to the people doing the detailed implementation work in sales, marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, finance, and elsewhere. Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) having following prominenet modules:

Purchase Management Information System

  • Daybook/Ledger/Summary/Balances
  • Purchase Orders MIS
  • Supplier Management System
  • Multi Currency Handling
  • Clearing Agents Management system
  • Inward Gate Passes Management

Sales Management Information System

  • Daybook/Ledger/Summary/Balances.
  • Purchase Order MIS.
  • DC/GP Management
  • CRM (Customer Relation Management)

Accounts Management Information System

  • Budgeting and Cash flow MIS
  • Daybook/Ledger/Summary /Balances
  • Trial Balance/P & L/Balance Sheet
  • Sales/Income Tax Return & Other Govt. Annexures

Warehouse Inventory Management Information System

  • Daybook/Ledger/Balances/Summary
  • Demand/Purchase Order Management
  • Material Requirement/Consumption Plans
  • Store Receipts/Issues management

Manufacturing & Production Control System

  • Raw Materials Consumption System
  • Finished Goods MIS
  • Lots, Man-hours/ Machine stoppage/ Rejections
  • Materials/Machines Input/Output Analysis

Human Resource Mangaement Information System

  • Employee Info, Work Experiences
  • Salary/OT/Bonus Management
  • Loans/Advances Management system
  • Bank/EOBI/Social Security Reports
  • Shifts/Salary/OT History Analysis
  • Attendance Recorded by Finger Print Scanner /manually/ other input device

Cane Procurement Management Information System

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