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Warehouse Inventory Management Information System

Warehouse inventory management information system is high performance software, which speeds up the business operations of the organization. Every organization, which deals with the raw materials, put its great effort in the efficient utilization of its raw material according to its need and requirement. The organization has to perform number of tasks and operations in order to run its business in a manual system. For example:

  • Estimation of new raw material required.
  • Preparation of purchase order.
  • Preparation of Inward gate pass/purchase invoice.
  • Preparation of Outward gate pass /sale invoice.
  • Preparation of Debit note.

By following these operation and tedious tasks, the management faces following problems:

  • Production delays due to raw-material non-availability
  • Stuck-up of investments in raw-material inventories
  • Ineffective control over raw material issuance and wastages.

Clicksoft Warehouse inventory System is cost-effective solution for managing raw material & inventory. Managing the inventory reduces the inventory carrying cost by Inventory procurement and assisting the management in just in time decision-making. Clicksoft War house inventory System is ideal business solution for manufacturers and Producers who want to reduce their operational costs and become more competitive.