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Manufacturing & Production Control System

Workforce optimization and production management software benefits companies that face complex of their manpower, and also quite keen to automate the manufacturing of their finished goods by monitoring the performance of their machines in their particular workshops.

This management information system basically consist of two main modules

  • Employees & Machines Performance Tracking System
  • Production Management System

This application enables your managers and employees to effectively communicate goals and objectives, align goals with strategic initiatives, set expectations, and measure progress of their workforce by monitoring their performance on the machines. Say farewell to the nightmare of trying to manage your employees with an awkward mix of spreadsheets, word documents, database files and cumbersome email folders. Everything you need to track and monitor employee, activities and management processes is now available within a single, easy-to-use, affordable application This is second and quite significant module of this application. Tight control of your raw materials has now become a key element in ensuring profitability for your company. The design of this module is quite elastic and flexible for all industries but it is quite suitable for the Pharmaceuticals and Textiles industry Organizations face a lot of problems in estimating the required components or sub-components before the manufacturing of a product. After tedious and complex calculation the quantity of sub-components/Raw materials are estimated and items are demanded to the store requisition