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Finance & Accountancy Services

As per an authenticated survey Report, only 10% of Industry & Business sector is enjoying the proper Software and Information System facilities for maintenance of Accounts & accurate financial analysis. Rest of the Industry can not establish the software based Accounts & Finance Department due to hesitation of affordability, non-availability of professional-cum-skilled personals and obviously being a time taking job for the proprietors, partners and other kinds of business owners. To remove above stated hindrances, problems and drawbacks, Clicksoft has launched a unique program of Finance & Accounting Services for 90% of the Industry & Business Sector to enjoy the modern, efficient, and smart Software for maintenance of Companies' Accounts at affordable cost. Just join the Clicksoft Finance & Accounts Club and transfer all the headaches towards Clicksoft Pvt. Limited for preparation of your computerized Accounts from manual books. No need to worry about computers, staff, fixture & furniture and space. We'll be yours Accounts Managers. Yes, modern communication techniques have made it possible. In this regard, just imagine the professionalism of the firm and then you'll have a rest-of-mind state by not having any question about your confidential and sensitive records.

Requirements and Needs of Modern Business:

Accounts prepared by the Clicksoft will fulfill the needs & requirements of modern business & Finance purposes. Accounts may be presented with full confidence to any kind of Audit, for any objective the banks and for any purpose to the Government Departments. All types of Party Ledgers, Stock Ledgers, Income & Expenditure, Sales & Purchase, Import & Consumptions, Staff & Establishments, Accounts & Finance reports will be available in addition to Journals, Day-books, Trial Balance Account, Profit & Loss Accounts and Finally the Balance Sheet.

Save the Time and Energies for promotion of Yours Business:

The membership of Clicksoft Finance & Accounts Club not only provides you the confidence to deal anywhere but also will give you a tension free project of saving your precious time, which may be consumed in other fields of the business. Then you will be able to concentrate on promotion of your business, based on modern approaches and full supported with authenticated accounting analysis & quick financial statements. Where as all the co-ordination and consultation will be on our end.

You will not need to:

  • buy expensive servers machines
  • buy/develop expensive softwares
  • hire expensive accounting staff
  • worry about data security/loss/backup
  • worry about risk of viruses

You will get:

  • Prepared Accounts
    • In your mailbox
    • In your webportal for power analysis & forecasting

What will you need to do?

As it has been claimed that all yours headaches will be adopted by us, you will not need to do a lot, in this regard. Just decide to join a meeting with us and understand the procedure of co-ordination only in first meeting. After becoming the member of our Accounts Club you'll provide us the information just sitting in your chair whereas we'll return you a complete range of computerized Accounts. Our team has been enriched with extra-ordinary training of professional skills. What you'll need to have in your office is this:

  • Internet connected desktop/laptop workstations
  • Fax Machine/Scanner/Smartphone to send documents

The procedure of co-ordination is simple to understand and easier to adopt. You will provide/upload running invoices/bills/vouchers/images or information on particular document on daily/prompt basis, as agreed, and you will get full range of Accounts & Financial reports in your E. Mail Box, which may be printed and presented any where in the world. Additionally, you can view analysis and generate reporting on given webportal, anytime/anywhere on your desktop/laptop/tab/smartphone.

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